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The Covid-19 pandemic, which began in early 2020, has yet to end. The lifestyles and behaviors of people have changed significantly, and consumer needs are becoming increasingly more diverse than ever before due to the long crisis.

As a result of these changes in the business environment, Shiseido is increasingly required to transform and build a digital business model, accelerate business speed, and strengthen digital and IT capabilities, which are urgent issues for the Group as a whole.

In response to this, Shiseido Interactive Beauty, established under our strategic partnership with Accenture, carries the idea of "linking, connecting, and interacting" embedded in the "Interactive" part of the company's name. Based on this belief, we will be able to generate stronger and better synergies between the Shiseido Group and its internal and external stakeholders, including customers, business partners, customers, digital and IT, and businesses through digital and IT reforms, and contribute to deeper engagement with customers enjoying new beauty experiences best suited to each individual.

In addition, under the mission of "Healthy and rich everyday life. Making full use of digital and technology to create tomorrow's beauty experience for each individual," together with Accenture, which will be invested as a strategic partner, we will expand the number of digital and IT in-house professionals who are familiar with the beauty business, and contribute to the Shiseido Group's strategies and businesses, while also utilizing Accenture's expertise in developing specialized human resources.

I would like to ask for your continued support together with other Shiseido Group companies.

December 2021
Representative Director and President
Atsunori Takano

Atsunori Takano Representative Director and President of Shiseido Interactive Beauty